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A slightly odd sort of day

It all started when I nearly stepped on a half eaten squirrel that the neighbour's cat had thoughtfully left right in the middle of the little path that runs across our front lawn to the car parking area. Ew! The head was there and the haunches and tail, but the neighbour's cat (presumably that cat, though there are others around) had eaten the middle. I was carrying sacks of rubbish, which is the reason I nearly stepped on it, that and the bifocals, which I'm more or less used to, which means that my brain tends to ignore anything in the lower part of my vision because it's blurred. Fortunately some alert pattern matching part of the brain made an exception for a blurred squirrel corpse.

I put the rubbish out and the paper, glass and cans for recycling. It was during this toing and froing that I realised that I had another case of eye strain. Things were not as sharp as they should be, even when viewed through the correct part of the bifocal lens. It was milder this time than the incident last year, but still a bit sobering.

I suppose, thinking back, that I did spend all day on the computer at work yesterday and I'd been reading a lot over the weekend and not going outside much. Or at all. I suspect also that I need to change my computer glasses, though my other two pairs, the distance ones and the bifocals are fine. It doesn't help that I'm working on the laptop more at home because that's the computer with the broadband. And to make matters worse, the Turnpike email and newsreader was set to a tiny font. (I've now increased that.)

It seems that I must cut down on my recreational computer use and spend computer time on necessary work and writing. Please forgive me, therefore, if I don't seem to be reading your LJ or commenting. I will continue to read as many of the people on my friends list as I can, but obviously I need to be more careful about the time spent staring at the screen. I'll still be posting though.

Otherwise the day was good. I managed to find a parking place as I passed through town, so could nip into Boots and buy vitamins, also I picked up the local paper and the Radio Times. Driving into work was actually restful for the eyes as it involves staring into the distance. (I'm long sighted, something that's been made worse by age.)

When I arrived in the office, I found that Martin (colleague who is team leader for the Digital Photography course) had very kindly photocopied me a set of the student notes he'd been revising and all 9 students turned up for the class, so that's another course that will run. (We need a minimum of 8 or the course isn't viable.) Afterwards I tested the logins that didn't work last time I tried them and they now work, so my class on Friday should be OK.

Tomorrow I have two more classes (afternoon and evening), but they're in the Awelon centre, which I like, despite the room being the wrong shape, without windows and with rotten acoustics. I don't generally have a problem with the logins there and it has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

So, by the end of the week my timetable will be more or less finalised. I'll know which classes are actually running. The only uncertainty is the Wednesday evening class in Bala, which might not have enough people but I won't know that until next Wednesday because we've put more posters up and are hoping for last minute takers.

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