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We have lift off!

Words this morning: 1105
Words in Chapter 19: 1879
Words total: 82,606
Reason for stopping: Time for lunch.

Yes, the mountain is airborne! The end really is in sight. I doubt that I will finish the draft tomorrow, but I should complete it sometime this week.

And then I can start the revision. I'm going to try Holly Lisle's One Pass Revision Method. This is a bit more systematic than my previous revision method, which was to just read through the manuscript, correcting anything that caught my eye. Repeat several times. Stop when nothing seemed to stand out as being within my power to improve.

In other news...

Yesterday was spent up at the peat bog with G and his PhD supervisor R. I was not as unfit as I feared and climbed the long hill to the bog without difficulty, though by the end of the day my legs were really really tired. If you measure the distance walked, it's something pretty feeble like 3 or 4 miles, but after the steep track up to the bog, the going becomes distinctly difficult.

Imagine walking on a wobbly, treacherous surface where at each step you have to lift your foot up to knee height in order to step over the heather and tussocks of rushes. Now add in hidden holes to fall in and things to trip over and it'll give you some idea of what crossing the bog is like. We all fell over several times times. At least the heather and rushes are soft to fall on. *g*

Reasons for falling over include:

  • Stepping into a hole hidden by the vegetation, this is usally a drainage ditch, of which there are a few left after a failed attempt to drain the bog.

  • Failing to lift a foot high enough and tripping over a tussock of something.

  • Stepping on something that appeared solid, but which gives way and turns under the foot.

  • Stepping onto something that looked smooth and inviting, but which turns out to be semi-liquid. (Take care not to loose your Wellington boot in this situation.)

But it was a great day out, it didn't rain and I took lots of photos of the scenery and the vegetation, some of which will appear in G's PhD thesis. I've earmarked some for a Photo of the Week and I'll try to update that tomorrow and put a link here.


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