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I have a draft!!!!!!!!!!

Words today: 5480 (a final sprint that might be an all time record!)
Words total: 88,197
Reason for stopping: THE END!

I need to write some catching up posts, but I have spent more than enough time on the computer today. Must rest eyes. But suffice it to say, it's been an up and down week, which wasn't helped by having a bad chesty cold. And yesterday was a particularly difficult day (nothing serious on the global scale of disasters, just a struggly sort of day).

I knew that I had a small window of opportunity to finish the novel today because I have to write course materials tomorrow and I was damned if it was hanging on over another week. So I just pushed on and pushed on and eventually there it was, THE END...

Zokutou word meter
88,197 / 88,197

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