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Second day back at work...

...and I feel as though I reformatted my brain over the holidays and haven't yet managed to reload all the software and data.

Yes, the holiday was wonderfully refreshing, I did some useful stuff and had some fun days out, but now I have to get back in gear. It's not too bad. The students don't start for another couple of weeks, so we're rushing around fine-tuning timetables and preparing and updating teaching materials.

Today's most exciting moment was the training session on the new photocopier which does almost everything bar make you a cup of tea while you work. I've never used a copier that will punch holes before. If all lecturers used such a machine for their handouts, brisingamen wouldn't need to seek out a portable punch.

This will be a very short week as we started on Tuesday and I have Friday off because it's our daughter's wedding on Saturday. I think it's finally dawning on me that it's really happening. I haven't been involved in the planning. A has done all the arranging herself; G and I were just required to transfer X thousand pounds into the wedding account. Family descend on Friday and I get to meet the new in-laws again before the wedding itself. I met D's parents briefly at the graduation ceremony when our respective offspring both received their Masters Degrees.

Right... Time to get back to work. I'm busy filling in the folders to claim certificates for qualifications achieved. Very tedious, but necessary.

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