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A quiet day

Today was warm and sunny, which was a delight after all the gloom and autumnal rain. On Tuesday it was so misty that I needed to put the headlights on when driving from Wrexham to Ruthin at 3:00 pm.

So I decided to give the front grass its last mowing of the year. For some reason I felt rather wobbly; the cold that I'd thought had gone making a suprise comeback, I think. Anyway, I took my time and the front is all neat and will not need mowing again until the spring. I also weather-proofed the side of the shed. The side facing west gets all the wind and rain and some of the boards were starting to rot and break. To do a proper job I should have removed them, bought new boards cut them to size, nailed them in place and painted them with preservative. As I didn't have the time or energy to do all that, I simply nailed a piece of roofing felt along the side. It looks reasonably neat and should keep the rain out well enough.

Then I went into the shed and discovered that the pointy ends of the nails were sticking out of the wall. Ooops! A rummage in the garage produced some timber frames that could be nailed on inside to prevent anyone impaling themselves on the sharp points. So all is well, and probably only just in time. The wind is getting up and I suspect it might rain again tomorrow.

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