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Writing progress

Pages revised today:
Pages revised total: 13½
Reason for stopping: One of the students has already turned up for the evening class. Twenty minutes early, dammit.

Not been posting for a few days because I haven't been making any progress with the revision and it's been a hard few weeks at work. Still not really adjusted to the term time routine. That plus the chesty cold I had the other week seems to have left me tired and lethargic. Though the lethergy seems to have lessoned since I started taking a couple of iron tablets each week. This might be coincidence or I might have been heading towards slight anaemia.

The tiredness caused me to sleep right through the alarm this morning. I'm sure I put it on, so I must have turned it off in my sleep. Fortunately it was one of the mornings when I don't have to leave for work until 11:00 am (because of teaching the evening class), but I still like to be up at 7:30 so I can get things done before I go out.

What finally awakened me was the postman thumping on the door. I started awake, trying to decide if it was a knock or just the flump of letters falling on the mat. Then there came another knock. I tumbled out of bed, threw on my lilac dressing gown and fluffy slippers and blundered downstairs. I smiled at the postman as I opened the door and said something vaguely apologetic, hoping that he wouldn't realise that the dressing gown was all that I was wearing. He handed me a box, which contained the winter boots I'd ordered and I retreated back into the privacy of the kitchen to make a pot of tea and wake up properly.
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