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Not done a lot today

The subject says it all really. A lazy day in the sense of not getting useful tasks done. I did, however, get some exercise by cycling into town and back twice. Although I cycle occasionally, it's always been purely for exercise, usually going for a trundle down the old railway line towards Barmouth. But after seeing everyone cycling around in Amsterdam this summer (and remembering how everyone cycled in Copenhagen too) I decided that I ought to use my bike for practical things too. Some time ago I bought a substantial cycle lock to enable me to park the bike, but I had never got around to actually going into town on it.

Today we needed cheese. G gets withdrawal symptons if we're without cheese for too long and there really wasn't anything for lunch. I considered walking into town, but that takes some time. So I fished out the freebie rucksack that G was given at the conference in Amsterdam, slung it on my back and set out for town on two wheels instead of two feet.

I parked the bike on the edge of the carpark and secured it to a fence post. I didn't quite know where I could tether it in the square, so I thought I'd leave it somewhere quiet and just walk through into the square. In town I bought:

  • a key ring for the key belonging to the bike lock. This key is vicious. I had it in my pocket and managed to cut my fingertips on it while I was trying to get it out to check that the keyrings I was looking at would be suitable. I then had to avoid bleeding on any items in the shop. Not easy.
  • a slightly larger bag for work. The one I bought at Schiphol Airport is fine for weekends and holidays but it won't quite hold everything I want when I'm at work. I'd looked around in Ruthin yesterday, but one that was only vaguely OK-ish cost 90 UK pound. The nice little tiny leather rucksack I bought today cost 13.50 UK pounds. A huge saving. *g*

  • Cheese. G's favourite is a local cheese called Caws Llyn. (I think it's a kind of Cheddar.) He likes the red version. Unfortunately only 2 shops in town stock it, neither of which is the Co-op supermarket, so I can't get it with all the other food. While I was in the bakers (which also sells cheese), I also bought a pasty for G and a sandwich for me.

  • the local newspaper and the Radio Times. The first time I walked past the newsagents it had a sign on the door saying Back in 5 mins. By the time I'd bought the cheese and was heading back to my bike, it was open again.

After lunch I arranged everything in the new bag, finding a pocket for the camera and another for the phone. I happily transferred everything, but then decided that my old purse was a) too big and b) tatty. So it was back into town to buy:

  • a six inch ruler, a highlighter pen, a fine black pen and a box of watercolour pencils. The black pen and watercolour pencils are for doing the map for Moving a Mountain. I know it's probably not needed, but I want to draw up a better version of the maps I used while writing the story. The scribbles I used to keep the locations straight are very rough and as it will be some time before I write the sequel, it wouldn't do any harm to have a clearer version for when I return to this world.

  • one of those flat hole punches attached to a ruler that can be filed in a ring binder. I don't actually want to keep it in aring binder; I want to keep it in my bag. (Not the new one, the black briefcase that is my mobile office and which contains all sorts of useful stuff.)

  • a new purse. This involved much opening and closing of the purses on display. I wanted one that was a small as possible whilst still being capable of holding coins, notes and the Boots loyalty card.

  • toothpaste, vitamins and face washing foaming gel. Not exciting, but necessary.

Cycled back via the path alongside the river. I think I like cycling into town. I must do it again.

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