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I have a patch over one eye. (Looks at computer clock.) But I can remove it in another 15 minutes, thank goodness. Because of the patch, I've had to perch my glasses above my nose and Sellotape them in position. I tried perching them on the end of my nose, as the nurse suggested, but a) it felt precarious and b) it squeezed my nostrils together and hampered my breathing. Hence the Sellotape solution.

The reason for the patch is nothing to do with the eye itself, merely that I had a small cyst removed from my eyelid this morning. The patch is just to keep the eye closed and protected while any bleeding stops. The whole thing was done under local anaesthetic and took just a few minutes.

We did have to get up at 6:00 am in order to get to the hospital on time (appointment was 8:45 am in Bangor) which is why G is now fast asleep in bed, recovering from his early morning. (He is not a morning person.) Of course I couldn't drive after the procedure, so he had to take me, hang about while it was done, and then bring me home. But I was impressed with the hospital's efficiency. I was processed promptly, didn't have to wait for long before being operated on and then after a short wait, during which I was given the traditional British panacea of a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, I was allowed to go.

The weather has turned out lovely today, so I had an out-of-focus drive home looking a beautiful blurred scenery. We were back by 11:45 am.

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