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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 2.5
Pages revised last Monday: 4.5
Pages revised total: 29
Reason for stopping: Time to go and cook dinner.

I am now working on Chapter 18. So far the changes have just been cosmetic, tweaking the prose, making the sentences flow better and catching continuity errors, eg

There was a brief silence.

"But you could raise more money?"

Ceri looked up. The tall, black-clad Warrior King had spoken for the first time.

Noooo! Just a few paragraphs earlier there was this:

She had just shoved the end of the crowbar against the base of the rock and was trying to work it underneath when a deep male voice said, "I really don't think that's a good idea."

All sorted out now.

I'm still sticking to the plan of working backwards, one chapter at a time. Once I get right to the beginning, I'll revise again quickly forwards for one last quick check through, printing the chapters as I go, then I'll let the first readers have a look.

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