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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 13.6
Pages revised total: 42.6
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Ought to go and do something else.

This revision is going much more quickly than the last time I revised a novel. Mostly this is because it's just a light revision pass to fill in any placeholders, check continuity and smooth the awkwardnesses in the prose. I'm also putting places and characters into the database to make a permanent record of them for future reference.

Things I've been wrestling with.

  • I spent several minutes fruitlessly hunting through the MS looking for the names of the two other Earth Mages. I was so sure I'm given them names, but it seems not. In the end, I decided that as I was in Ceri's POV anyway, Gregor's colleagues the best solution because she wouldn't necessarily know the names and the reader probably wouldn't remember them from several chapters ago. I know I wouldn't if I was the reader.

  • Whether Edmund is the Dread Warrior King or the Dead Warrior King. Or in fact the dead warrior king. After oscillating back and forth, I think I've settled on dead warrior king. (But that's the sort of thing copy editors sort out for you, isn't it?)

  • I had to look up the henkies, howlaas and nuggles in Katharine Briggs' A Dictionary of Fairiesto check that I had got the names right. Also to look up their descriptions. All now noted in the database.

  • I had to think of a name and title for the ruler of the country.

Otherwise it was just little things that needed tweaking.

Working backwards through the MS is an interesting experiment. It does stop me getting carried away with story flow and galloping through too quickly to notice the things that need correcting.

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