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Writing progress

Pages revised today:
Pages revised total: 51½
Percentage complete: 21%
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Lots of other things to do today.

Agonised for quite a while over the name Greenways (the dodgy rock poacher). After considering lots of variants, such as Greenhill, Greenill, Greenhull, Greenaulgh decided to stick with Greenways.

Filled in a couple more place names. Edmund is now the Ex-King of Westerland and Lintirion and Ex-Lord of Weskin. Otherwise it was mostly just untangling the long sentences and tweaking a few words here an there.

Otherwise I feel rather blah again today. I just want to curl up and hibernate. I have lots to do and can't muster the energy to work out what to do next for the best. I have done the washing up and mopped the kitchen floor. Also done a load of washing, put it out in the garden, brought it back in again when the rain started and have now put it in the drier. Have also sorted out G's email, which had got upset somehow, possibly by the spam trapping software he'd installed. Anyway the settings have been put back as they should be and the passwords reinserted and it now seems to send and receive OK.

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