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A slightly dismal day

I'm thinking more about the weather being dismal, but I have had the occasional fit of melancholy. This was partly due to clearing out a Difficult Drawer.

I'm in the process of redecorating and revamping the two bedrooms. Our bedroom was decorated and had a new curtain rail and curtains some weeks ago. However it then stuck in an unfinished state, without carpet and still with all the old furniture. The plan was to redecorate the spare room and then get carpet fitted in both in one swell foop. But the decoration of the spare room had stalled due to various things like busyness at work, having the cyst removed from my eyelid and general lack of enthusiasm for painting the ceiling and (OK, I admit it!) procrastination.

Today I took the hi-fi off the small wardrobe and dragged said wardrobe into our bedroom to see if it would fit. After a bit of experimenting, I found the best place for it and realised that the chest of drawers would have to go. It's old anyway, but I needed to move it today as the room seemed too crowded.

The top drawer of the chest is where quite a lot of important things live, like the passports and our various certificates. Also a lot of things of sentimental value, like a little knitted bonnet that was once A's, the hospital bracelets the offspring were fitted with when they were born and some of the last letters my Mum wrote to me before she died. Hence the fits of melancholy as I removed them and put them in a basket ready for rehoming in a new permanent location.

Anyway, the chest is now emptied, the clothes are transferred to the small wardrobe and I'm all ready to clean down the walls of the spare room tomorrow and start painting. I even bought a furry roller cover to do the knobbly ceiling with.

Today's haiku:

grey November day
dark green ivy leaves, rain-glazed
shining under the holly

Oh, and the things I found in the drawer weren't all melancholy. There were lots of my old writing notebooks from my teens. These have now been relocated in the chest of drawers in my study. There was a whole folder of stuff that reminded me yet again that I'm no poet. *g* Here's a small sample. It seemed quite apt for today's weather...

A little cloud am I,
One of many thousands,
Sitting up here in the sky,
Thinking and waiting.

Up above the sky is blue,
Down below it's greyer,
Underneath me other clouds,
Layer upon layer,
Thinking and waiting and raining.

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