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Wild and wet

The weather is absolutely horrible tonight. Rain, wind and more rain. I went to the Co-op to do the weekly shop quite late and it was pitch dark and the trolley and I waltzed across the car park, fighting the wind.

Otherwise a fitful sort of day. I didn't do as much as I planned, but I did wash down the walls and paintwork in the spare room and painted the ceiling. The furry roller worked well. The ceiling has that spiky plaster (artexing?) which makes it awkward to paint. I didn't end up too paint-spotted, but I took the precaution of wearing a head scarf. *g*

Otherwise I didn't do any revisions on Moving a Mountain. Gah! Must make progress.

I did, however, write some practice tasks for the day job. Still need to dry some clothes and do some ironing so I will have something to wear for work this week.

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