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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 5
Pages revised total: 81
Pages remaining: 159
Percentage complete: 34%
Reason for stopping: End of chapter and dinner is ready. Yum, curry!

I'm nearly at the point where I have to insert the Earth Mages chanting scene. It occurred to me recently that we don't see the Earth Mages putting enough effort into the lift. I need to temporarily ship in a whole busload of Earth Mages to get the magic fields whipped into shape.

I still don't quite know where the Earth Mages chanting scene is going to go. I will consult the spreadsheet tomorrow. I'm not feeling focused enough to do it now, being full of curry and a glass of wine.

Otherwise it was a lazy but somehow productive day. If I write and exercise I feel the day was worthwhile, even if I do nothing else.

Late afternoon I walked into town for the papers and then I had a good walk up the Llanfachreth road and cut across via the dirt track to the road that comes out above the primary school. One of our son's friends used to live up there, though he's since moved away. Although it was only 5:00 pm, It was fully dark by the time I reached town again, where I called into the Spar shop and bought more cheese and a couple of cakes, also pasties for lunch tomorrow.
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