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The wedding 30 August 2003

I will write a more detailed account at some point, hopefully with pictures, but I just wanted to say that everything went wonderfully. Alison looked stunning, Declan looked dashing, everything ran to time, the priest doing the service struck just the right mixture of solemnity and good humour, the sun shone gloriously (apart from one shower just as we were about to leave the church), the scenery looked magnificant, (Quote from one of Alison's friends, "You always said you lived in the middle of nowhere, but you didn't say it was beautiful.") the hotel doing the reception was welcoming, the bride's father's brief, heartfelt speech had two tables in tears and one of Declan's comments set off another two tables, the best man's speech was amusing and everyone who should have been was toasted. The food was delicious and plenty of it, the guests (both family and friends) mingled very amicably, the disco was fun, even if it didn't have the magic sound system employed at the Bronze, which enables you to simultaneously have loud music to dance to and quiet pockets for conversations, but there was a nice lounge nearby where those who wanted could take a brief time out. There were even spectacular fireworks out over Barmouth harbour. Though nothing whatsoever to do with us really, they just added a finishing touch to those of us who spotted them and went outside into the clear cool night air to watch.

Slowly getting back to normal. Most people headed back yesterday after staying overnight. Fortunately I don't work on Mondays, so I'm off out for a short walk with my son and his girlfriend before they drive back to South Wales.

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