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Writing progress

Pages revised yesterday: 1
Pages revised today: 4
Pages revised total: 97
Pages remaining: 143
Percentage complete: 41%
Reason for stopping: Need to clean out Meurig's cage and grab a few items to make a still life for the digital photography class before setting off for work.

Not an awful lot of pages done, but I've named one of the older Earth Mages and a mathematical equation. Also written a footnote (supposed to be slightly humorous) and inserted a tiny piece of dialogue into a scene in Chapter 17, which I thought I'd revised, but obviously my subconscious plotting brain wasn't quite happy with because it sent up the suggestion that Patticlus might accuse Scrimmidge the lawyer of incompetence for missing the clause about having to move the mountain off Cleaver's land.

Insults have now been hurled, leaving Wil to follow Cleaver alone to try one last plea for more time. I think it's better.

Here's what the revision progress looks like so far:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
97 / 240

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