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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 5
Pages revised total: 137
Pages remaining: 102
Percentage complete: 57%
Reason for stopping: Had to critique some 500 words stories for the fiction writing course I tutor.

Phew! That was hard going. I've waltzed through the revision so far, but that was like wading through treacle. I hope the rest is not going to be as hard. Because I'm working backwards, I am now approaching the beginning, so it isn't going to be as fluent as the later chapters.

I also had to do my first piece of actual research, namely looking up what elves eat. I wanted them to have a non-standard diet and I discovered that both Katherine Briggs' Dictionary of Fairies and the Welsh fairy legends indicate that fairies don't eat meat, especially not beef. I must have remembered this subconsciously because that's what I'd planned for the elves in my story world.

Tolkien, interestingly, says absolutely nothing about what elves eat, other than the lembas. At Rivendell they just eat a feast. Strangely I remember the food as being much more vividly described, but it isn't. Just feast.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
137 / 240

In other news...

It's been a really stressful couple of weeks. Nothing dramatic on the world scale of disasters, just too much admin, foul weather which made everything much harder than normal and a slight bump in the car, which resulted in no one being hurt and very minor damage to both vehicles, but meant I had the palaver of contacting the insurance company, getting quotes etc. etc. And it was totally my fault. The poor lad in the other car was quietly sitting at a red traffic light when I came round a blind bend to see the queue stretching back almost to the corner, at which point I slammed on the brakes and, because the road was wet and slippery, didn't quite stop in time. I didn't see a warning sign about the temporary lights and neither did he. They were gone by the time I was driving home, so I couldn't check.

As I said, a very minor thing, but unsettling.

In more upbeat news, I have now contacted the Quaker group in Dolgellau and attended a meeting this morning. I think I will definitely continue going. I felt so instantly at home with them and the whole experience was very calming. I felt so much more together afterwards than I have for a long while.

The group is small. There were just twelve there including me and the meeting is held in someone's house. They are Buddhist-friendly and the chap I talked to, who seems to be the organiser, was not at all fazed when I explained that I had arrived at Quakerism via Zen. *g*

Unfortunately I can't go to the next meeting because our daughter is coming home for the weekend, but I will go to the next one after that, which is New Year's Day. (They only meet fortnightly.)

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