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Getting back into the swing of things

All the excitement is over and I'm now back at work. Today is a Proof Reading Day, checking and working through the booklets I wrote at the end of last term full of practice tasks for the Level 1 course I'm the Team Leader for.

I've already discovered several stupid mistakes, caused by getting mind-boggled and losing track of which file was which. Also corrected another stupid mistake caused by using copy and paste and forgetting to substitute the new file name for the old in the pasted text.

Just about to start on checking the word processing tasks, which I may manage to finish this afternoon. And when I get home, I can look at some photos of the wedding. *Glee* Just as I was leaving for work, an envelope containing a CD dropped through onto the mat. These are the photos taken with the bride and groom's digital camera. Official photo albums will be a few weeks, but the photographer seemed to know his job, so I think they will be good.

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