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A useful morning

So far I have walked into town and

  • paid G's vehicle insurance

  • paid the house insurance

  • bought G's Christmas present

  • bought 2 Christmas puds from the nice bakers

  • bought more of G's favourite cheese

  • bought a pasty (for G) and a honey bun (for me) for lunch

  • found a place to buy bedroom carpet

  • left G's Daihatsu at the garage to have its squashy front tyre repaired

  • reminded aforementioned garage about the quotes for my car repair

  • bought glitter and coloured glue to make gift tags

Still got loads to do, but there were a few important things in there, along with the trivia.

Need to go back into town later to actually choose carpet and arrange for fitting. Hopefully this can be done before daughter comes to visit, but if not, it won't have to matter.

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