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My weekend

I did a tiny bit of revision on Moving a Mountain over the weekend (see below), but mostly I was working on the Spare Bedroom Makeover. I had ordered a new carpet, which would be delivered on Monday, thus giving myself a deadline for finishing the painting.

Sunday was therefore spent marking short 500 word stories by my fiction writing students and also painting the skirting board and woodwork round the door and putting up the new curtain rail. This, for some reason, didn't go as smoothly as the identical one I fitted in our bedroom and I had to enlist G's help, but it was duly installed and the holes that had been drilled in the wrong places were filled with Polyfiller, so all was well in the end.

Monday morning dawned to frantic activity as all the stuff that had been sitting in the middle of the spare bedroom covered by dust sheets, had to be carried or dragged into either our bedroom or my tiny study. Then the bare floor needed a quick hoover and a wipe over with a barely damp mop.

But I was ready in time and three lads and a roll of carpet arrived in due course. The carpet fitting was swift -- the room is small and almost a perfect rectangle, no funny alcoves to cope with. The finished room looked wonderful, especially once the new curtains were up.

The rest of the day was spent assembling the TV corner unit and setting up the TV, DVD and video on it. Also dragging back most of the stuff that will be going in there.

To finally round off the day, my Roomba arrived! I not only have new carpet, but I have a robot to keep it clean. *g*

The goodies continued to arrive today because my colleague Val finally got the new computer she's been requesting for ages and hence I got a computer too on my desk. I will no longer have to forlornly roam the teaching block looking for an empty room in order to work.

The writing progress was 2 pages revised, most of the time was spent agonising over how to describe a gibbous moon without using the word gibbous. Normally gibbous would be fine, but I make a point of using the word gibbous in a later chapter, so didn't want to use it again.
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