Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Just fiddling around

So far I haven't done anything particular today. But hey! It's Christmas! If I can't just fiddle around and waste time on Christmas day, when can I do it?

There's only G and me here today, so lunch will be casual and laid back and it will arrive on the table when it's ready. My only plan is to relax, have a nice meal and watch Creature Comforts and Dr Who.

Tomorrow our son M and his girlfriend M arrive and we will all go up for the traditional Boxing Day visit to see my Dad. When a parent reaches their 80s, there's always the unspoken thought that this might be the last time this particular family ritual is carried out, but I will not dwell on that.

Finally, behind an LJ cut to avoid messing up anyone's Friends view and to avoid irritating those who don't like anything overtly religious, here is my home made nativity scene.

At the moment, it's our only festive decoration, though I intend to haul the artificial tree out of the garage today and put it up before M & M arrive.
Tags: christmas

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