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A quiet but enjoyable Christmas

Our son M and his girlfriend M were due to arrive around lunchtime, so Boxing Day began in a frenzy of tidying. All the boxes that the flat pack furniture had arrived in were stacked in the conservatory, along with the chest of drawers that had been turfed out of our bedroom. Fortunately the day was dry and fairly mild, though overcast, so I hauled all the boxes down to the waste land beyond our garden and had an impromptu bonfire.

Next the futon chair, which turns into a single bed, had to be shifted downstairs into the conservatory while the futon sofa, which turns into a double bed, had to be shifted out of the conservatory and up into the newly refurbished spare room in its place.

The conservatory was now clear enough to be quickly vacuumed, the chest of drawers (which is awaiting a new home) was shoved against the wall and the Christmas tree was erected and decorated. I think that's the fastest I've ever dressed a tree! I just had time to make the bed and hurl the Christmas cards up on display before M & M arrived and announced that they have just got engaged!

After a quick refreshment break, we set off in my car to drive up to the North Wales coast to visit my Dad. As usual, my brother and his wife plus offspring were visiting too, so they could all be told the news of the engagement in one fell swoop. There was then general chat and a buffet tea before we set off back around 7.30 pm to arrive home in time to watch the Minority Report on TV while M took his girlfriend M into town in search of old school friends.

Yesterday was a lazy day. M & M were tired after travelling the entire length of the country. I know Wales is a very small country, but it still takes a while to traverse it completely. The weather was bright and crisp, so we had a nice walk to the river at Llanelltyd and then back via the golf path. The only shop that was open was the Spar, but I bought a few items to replenish the food stocks and we had some of the Christmas Day beef for dinner, reheated in an onion gravy and served with roast potatoes and veggies.

M & M departed this morning. The plan was to travel back via Cardiff so that M's ring (very pretty, diamonds and platinum) could be enlarged slightly so it would fit on the right finger. M just phoned now to say they were safely home having had lunch with his sister. Roads were fine. No snow anywhere and not much traffic.

Having done an hour's walking yesterday, I was determined to keep the momentum going so I went into town the very very long way round, which you do by setting off in completely the wrong direction, walking away from town for a little way down the old railway line before crossing the bypass and taking the old road back into the centre.

Time now to get off the computer and go and make dinner. I haven't been doing any novel revision over Christmas, though I started poking the WIR today as I was looking for examples of Before and After for the third tutorial for the fiction writing course, which is usually on Revising Your Prose. I found examples of Cutting (opening of a short story), Changing POV (opening of a different short story) and Unscrambling, Clarifying and Expanding (extract from Chapter 10 of Moving a Mountain.

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