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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 0
New words today: 300
Pages revised total: 169
Pages remaining: 71
Percentage complete: 70
Reason for stopping: Finished Chapter 6
Other: The new words were to deal with the Post-It note that was stuck on page 40 saying Earth Mages chanting. More precisely, it was to fill in a scenelet in which the Earth Mages are seen to do Earth Magely activities aimed at setting up all the power matrices involved in the mountain lift.

Now it should be a clear revision run to the beginning, though I also need to write a couple of hundred new words in Chapter 1.

Otherwise I have nothing interesting to report. I finally got all the fiction writing assignments marked and returned yesterday, so today I caught up with my other tutoring duties and posted help on POV and set up the online Tutorial 3. So far no students have responded. This is not fair. They are skiving off having a holiday when they should be posting message and keeping me amused.

Exercise was just walking into town the long way round to visit the Co-op to top up the food supplies to last us over the next couple of days.

Also my intention to make more local friends by joining the Quaker group has been temporarily thwarted by the organiser phoning to say that the meeting has been cancelled due to him and his wife having a fluey illness. After seeing no one other than G for several days, I was looking foward to new people. Ah well...
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