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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a good 2006.

We're having a quiet day so far. I'm revising Chapter 5 of Moving a Mountain, G is working on computer models for the Ph.D. The weather is mild, dull and grey. Nothing exciting to report.

Novel revision progresses in fits and starts. There are good bits, which I can cruise through smoothly, merely tweaking a word here and there and there are boggy bits with hopelessly tangled infodumps.

Or missing placenames.

I now need to invent two dwarfish placenames. I checked in my handy database of characters and placenames to see whether I'd already invented appropriate names, but I only have a name for the dwarfs' country and the name of a dwarfish shrine on the holy mountain. No name for the capital city or the small mining town where 'Stin comes from.

But perusing the database did reveal a duplicate entry. How could this happen? I have most carefully set the placename field as Indexed (no duplicates) to prevent this very thing.

Yes, well, but it's not going to stop me putting in duplicate entries with alternate spellings, is it?

Tassaff Park and Tasseff Park

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