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A fairly productive day

I managed to get almost all the students' CLAIT papers ready for sending off to claim the certificates, but there's always one, isn't there? One student's folder couldn't be completed because there was no marking sheet for the spreadsheet test. So I looked in the place where I'd archived all the electronic text files sent by OCR (the awarding body), but was the one I needed there? Of course it wasn't. So I needed to e-mail OCR to ask them to send the result again (something they are happy to do), but was my e-mail working over in the teaching block? No, of course it wasn't.

But I have now tested all the word processing tasks in the new work book I'm writing and I'm just taking a short break before re-commencing work on the spreadsheet section.

I also managed to nip into Ruthin to buy two blank cards to send short messages to a couple of family members.

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