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Writing progress

Pages revised Tuesday: 2
Pages revised today: 2
Pages revised total: 200
Pages remaining: 40
Percentage complete: 83%
Reason for stopping: Time to go to work.

With luck I'll have time for another couple of pages tonight before the evening class.

Week not going too badly so far. I haven't been teaching any day classes yet. The new short courses haven't started up again this week as we're still recruiting students and thus I spent yesterday trying to put together materials for the new Computing for the Clueless course we're running this year. Lots of lovely materials on the web, problem is, the centre in Ruthin still has an Internet connection that is no better than a 56K modem. Which shared between 10 people is Not Good.

I'm teaching this afternoon and this evening, and then more writing of materials for the Clueless tomorrow. Also lunch with green_knight, which is something to look forward to.

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