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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 2
Pages revised total: 216
Pages remaining: 24
Percentage complete: 90%
Reason for stopping: Had to go shopping to top up the food supplies.

Not much done today, partly because I was bogging down in not-quite-right paragraphs. Also I had lots of other stuff to do. On balance it was a productive day. In addition to the writing I:

  • did a load of washing and got it dry

  • chose a new carpet for the bedroom and arranged to have it fitted

  • made a large pot of chicken and veg soup to live on for the rest of the week (evening classes, you know, no time to cook after coming home)

  • installed the software for the new iPod and worked out how to get songs off CD and onto the new gadget.

  • ordered a couple of books and a gadget to enable me to play the iPod through the car's sound system

  • walked into town twice (which has to count for at least some exercise, right?)

  • bought a cardigan in the sale for £5, ditto a thin sweater

So why do I feel so stressed and non-coping? Aaarrgghh! Perhaps it's the winter darkness finally getting to me?

Off now to have a shower and wash hair.
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