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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 2
Pages revised total: 218
Pages remaining: 22
Percentage complete: 91%
Reason for stopping: Time to go out to work.

I managed to squeeze in two more pages of revision before going out to work. The revision was plodding and slow today because there were some awkward and convoluted paragraphs to untangle, the novel edges ever nearer completion.

In other news...

I just heard the most truly wonderful mixed metaphor on the radio. I wasn't really listening, but it was a spokesperson talking on The World Tonight and it was something to do with Iran and nuclear power/weapons. I pricked up my ears at the point where she said:

They have to get all their ducks lined up in a row and make sure they're singing from the same hymn sheet.

In her defence, I think "they're" was supposed to refer back to the subjects of the previous sentence, which was Britain and Europe. (Or it may have been the UN and Europe. Whatever. As I said, I wasn't really listening.) But that wasn't how it came out.

Otherwise the week progresses reasonably well. I spent the afternoon sorting out the course files for the OCN courses and writing a Scheme of Work. After doing some phoning around, I now have 8 people for the DTP evening class on Thursday nights, so that will definitely run. And further to my comment a little while ago about our new course called Computer sof the Clueless, I have to report that after an unfortunate incident in which a woman took umbrage at being told to go in a class for the Clueless, the course has now been renamed "Starting out with Computers". *g*

And finally, G's paper has been accepted for the conference in Golden, Colerado next May, so at last we know what we're doing and can sort out exact dates and flights for the US trip, which includes me attending Wiscon.

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