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New bedroom carpet

Progress with the house continue in fits and starts. After the achievement of finishing the spare room in December there was a lull over Christmas while all the shops were shut and we were doing family things.

But this morning there was a frenzy of activity as I bundled all the stuff out of our bedroom into the spare room. I swept the floor and then gave it a whisk over with a slightly damp mop to get up the last of the dust.

At 10.30, as arranged, the lads from the carpet place arrived with the carpet and had it laid in about half an hour. It looks really nice! Softness underfoot again after weeks on bare board. (I grubbed out the old carpet ages ago, not quite realising how long the redecoration would take.)

Throughout the day I've been gradually bundling all the stuff back. It's not all there yet, but I hope to have it finished before we go to bed.

That will be two rooms now completely decluttered, redecorated and wholly or partially refurnished.

The best thing is that G is starting to say nice things about the home improvements, and he has even volunteered to come to the shops next weekend to look for a new bed!
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