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Eeek! My course starts soon

I do hope I'm not going to regret signing up for the Masters in Education. The tutor's welcome letter arrived yesterday and galvanised me into action. That is I have found a basket to keep the course notes and set books in; I have also started reading the Study Guide. This tells me that I'm supposed to find 12 hours a week for studying.

Um... How am I going to squeeze another 12 hours into an already packed week?

G tells me it won't take anything like 12 hours. He did the same course a few years ago, so he claims to know. "But you're clever," I whined. "You can write essays in a day. It takes me at least 3 days."

On the other hand, (she said, trying to be positive) I've done lots of OU courses before, both for my degree and afterwards, and they've sort of insinuated themselves in amongst everything else and I've muddled through somehow. Also the Learning Through Life course is very relevant to my job and I've looked at the materials and I understand all the jargon, even the post modern ones, so that's encouraging. And finally I only have to pass. There are no grades, so there's no point in working like a maniac in the attempt to get a first.

We're supposed to keep Learning Logs where we reflect on the course and things arising from it, so I'm going to experiment with using my LJ for this purpose. You may or may not see these reflections, depending on how private and/or boring they are. *g*
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