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Dishwasher update

I do hope this isn't going to turn into a Saga. The company I ordered the dishwasher from phoned (as the web page said they would) to arrange delivery.

Company: Is Tuesday 31st all right?

Me: No, sorry. Tuesday isn't all right. Can you deliver on a Monday? Mondays are the only day we can guarantee that someone will be in.

Company: No, we don't deliver at all to your area on Mondays. What about Thursday?

Me: Thursday mornings are all right. Can you guarantee that it would be delivered before 11:30 am?

Company: No, we can't. You will be phoned the night before to tell you what time to expect the delivery.

Me: But if they tell me that it will be delivered in the afternoon, I'd have to tell them not to bring it because there'd be no one in.

*Thoughtful pause while I scan diary seeking inspiration*

Me: Well, I'm not actually in a rush for the dishwasher1. Could you deliver on Tuesday the 21st of February? That's in the half term holiday. Someone can be home that day. You see my husband and I are both teachers. We can't just take a day off when we want.

So the person from the company has put the order on hold and will phone again nearer the time in the hope that we can have the dishwasher delivered on a day when we might be there to receive it.


1 This isn't strictly true, but it isn't her fault that we live in the back of beyond and carriers don't deliver daily. If I choose to live in a distant rural place, I have to put up with some inconveniences.
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