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Novel pitch generator

Found via comments here on dendrophilous's LJ.

This novel pitch generator might work for some novels, but it certainly doesn't work for mine. *g*

Firstly I don't have just one main character; I have two of them. Secondly it doesn't allow anywhere for mentioning major subplots, in my case Tassaff Park and the Newidion Device. Thirdly it doesn't mention resolution, which I thought was something editors wanted to know.

Anyway, for the record, here's the pitch it generated for me. Dull or what?

Moving a Mountain Pitch

Moving a Mountain is a 95,000 word fantasy novel set 10 years after the great war against the orcs in the Republic of Westerland. Wil Mathiason is a newly married man with a wife and small baby who believes in supporting his family. He wants to make a success of running a pilgrim hostel at the foot of a holy mountain, because he wants to provide a home and income for his wife and child. He is prevented from attaining this goal because the mountain that attracts pilgrims to the area is to be sold and moved to another location.

However, having said that, it might help to focus the mind of someone faced with a completed novel and no idea of what the key elements of the story are.

It might also work better for a more traditional fantasy plotline. *g*
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