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Is this quiz trying to tell me something?

Thanks to pickledginger for this train quiz.

The first go gave me this...

You're the London Underground!

Once the benchmark for the industry you work in, now you've
been through a very difficult experience. This has made people less likely
to spend time with you and even afraid of you in some cases. In future, it
might be best to not respond to your own fear with threats of shootings.
Regardless, you remain a staple in your community and even a new symbol of
hope. You may soon be as popular as the Fire Department of New

Take the Trains and Railroads Quiz
at RMI Miniature Railroads.

I wasn't quite sure about this! Am I scary? I know some people are afraid of mice, but I always see myself as too small and quiet to be scary. *g*

Admittedly I have just been through the horrible inspection and I am currently hiding at the centre in Ruthin rather than going into the main college to find out what grade we got, but I do feel that I'm usually safe to approach and never likely to shoot anyone.

So then I tried again, chosing a couple of different answers. And got this...

You're the Moscow Metro!

An enormous fan of enormous escalators, you're an extremely
deep person. Really really deep. You're big on labor movements and the power
of the people, although lately you've had to walk away from your roots to
stay safe. You like red squares, red buildings, and still keep a little bit
of red on your banners. It is surmised that anyone in your presence could
survive a nuclear attack.

Take the Trains and Railroads Quiz
at RMI Miniature Railroads.

So it's determined to make me an underground train. On balance, I think the Moscow Metro is more me. *g*

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