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I can't stop yawning

At last a few days off work. Did I revise lots of Moving a Mountain, as planned? No, of course not. I suppose I did some useful things, but the day seems to have disappeared into doing not very much and although it's still not yet seven o'clock, I'm too tired to do anything useful this evening.

What good things did happen today:

- The new dishwasher was delivered. It is now sitting in the corner of the kitchen waiting to be connected.
- The parcel from Viking Direct that they failed to deliver the other day arrived safely. Normally the driver follows my instructions to leave the package in the shed if there's no one in. The mystery of why he didn't was solved when he turned up this morning with the parcel. He'd been on holiday and forgotten to tell the replacement driver that leaving things in the shed was fine in our case. He was most apologetic, which he needn't have been because I really shouldn't take such things for granted and should have timed the order so that it would arrive on a day when I would be home to receive it.
- I watched the first episode of Life on Mars while eating lunch. This is the TV series about the detective who is knocked down by a car and is lying in a coma in the present but has somehow found himself back in 1973. It's set in Manchester, my home city and, whilst not being Great Drama is a cut above most TV offerings. I got into this series almost half way through and had missed the beginning. I was thus delighted to find that they're repeating them in the small hours of the morning. I can happily ignore the little man in the corner doing sign language. (The repeats are in the special Signing Zone or whatever it's called where they put the programmes for the deaf.)
- I walked into town and paid the car insurance.
- I bought and ate some chocolates. This is not good really, but was done in an attempt to feel more cheerful.
- I caught up with the OU conferences for the course I'm studying and the also for the course I tutor.
- I found all the stories my students had posted for the first tutorial and assembled them into a Word document prior to beginning the critting.
- Critted the first story, which was easy because it was a good one.

Off now to sort out some food for dinner and then slump with either the TV or a book and hope I feel more lively tomorrow. I do hope I'm not going down with one of the colds various of my colleagues have.

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