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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 0.5
Chapters polished total:
Chapters remaining: 18½
Percentage complete: 8%
Reason for stopping: Had to go shopping for pizzas for dinner.

Half a chapter seems a bit feeble, considering that I wasn't working today, but I have done a few other writing related bits and pieces, such as: adding a character into the character database; adding a bit more detail to the sketch map; setting up the files for the printed versions of the MS (one printout to be single-spaced in the book-like format for those first readers who prefer a hard copy and one printout to be double-spaced, which will be my editing copy).

The dishwasher still isn't installed. Today I dragged the old one out, recoiling at the dirt and mildew and spiders lurking behind it. The space is now scrubbed thoroughly and I've dug out the blue paint, so I'll paint it tomorrow, also put down a couple of the new floor tiles. The kitchen makeover (done about this time last year) was done so quickly we didn't have time for nicieties like tiling and painting behind appliances.

Otherwise all I've done is critted a couple of stories for my fiction writing students and caught up with rasfc and LJ.

Friday night is, traditionally, pizza night, but for a while it looked as though this week was going to be an expection. When I went on a belated walk to the Co-op to buy food, I discovered that a) an alarm of some sort was incessantly beeping, though no one was taking any notice, so I assumed it was OK to enter the store and b) the freezer that normally houses the pizzas must have suffered some kind of disaster, because it was totally empty and there was a youth mopping the floor beside it, along with the danger, wet floor sign. I wandered vaguely around the shelves for a bit, at a loss as to what to buy instead, but fortunately I finally wandered back as far as the chilled foods and found a few pizzas there.

All was well again.

I'm now full of pizza and rhubarb pie (plus a glass of wine), so all I'm fit for is slumping in front of the TV. I have the DVD of War of the Worlds, which if there's nothing better on, we'll watch tonight. I never managed to see it in the cinema.

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