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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 0.5
Chapters polished total: 3.5
Chapters remaining: 17.5
Percentage complete: 18%
Reason for stopping: Had to go shopping for food and get things ready for tomorrow.

I'm still finding little continuity glitches. Spent more time than I should agonising over the discrepencies in the meat order delivered by the butcher's boy. In Chapter 3 Wil says he met the the boy and placed an order for beef and bacon. In Chapter 4 the butcher's boy didn't know who he was and then hands over a parcel containing mutton chops, sausages, bacon and shin beef. Aarrgghh! *Tears out hair*

Continuity glitch now reconciled.

  • call in at garage to see if they want to the car to do the repairs (can't do this yet. Need to call back Wednesday)

  • make appointment to see doctor for routine review of high blood pressure medication

  • drop prescription into chemists

  • buy more vitamins, paperclips, cheese and milk

  • download pictures taken on walk yesterday from camera

  • paint space for dishwasher

  • wash more clothes

  • dry clothes

  • listen to wizard reading Chapter 4 and make necessary edits (half a chapter done)

  • finish the last critiques for Tutorial 1 of the fiction writing course

  • glance at Zeborah's novel

  • wash car (it's raining, car is getting a free rinse)

  • fill car with diesel (checked car, there is enough diesel for tomorrow)

  • sort out to do list for the week (recursive To Dos!)

  • iron clothes for the week

  • food shop in Co-op

  • set video to record Life on Mars

Food shopping was interesting. The Co-op is being refurbished. There is now a nice canopy to cover the trolleys -- but inside there was very little food. None of the fridges or freezers was working. Well, a couple of the small ones were, so I found a chilled chicken breast (which G later spurned in favour of some chicken casserole that was in the freezer).

Fortunately I will be able to stock up tomorrow in Ruthin before the evening class.

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