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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 1..25
Chapters polished total: 5
Chapters remaining: 15
Percentage complete: 25%
Reason for stopping: Brain is boggled.

This is the final nitpicking pass before letting readers loose on the first draft. I've just had to start a day by day timeline on a spreadsheet. I seemed to have one day that went on forever, but having checked, all the events do just fit in one day. I've sprinkled a few more time markers through the chapters, just mentions of things like "immediately after breakfast" and "the afternoon was drawing to a close". I think this will help make things clearer.

I also agonised over whether there was time to cook a stew, but finally decided the menu could stand because the timing was woolly enough to allow a couple of hours for it to simmer.

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