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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 1
Chapters polished total: 6
Chapters remaining: 14
Percentage complete: 30%
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Have vital stuff that I need to do tonight.

The little reading wizard is still finding lots of errors, eg spotting that the orc's name was spelled differently in two places and that I had written in 3 different ways. (dogcart, dog cart and dog-cart). Sigh... All now standardised.

  • been to see the practice nurse to have blood pressure checked and blood taken for cholesterol test

  • arranged with garage for car to go in for repairs next Monday

  • painted and tiled the space for the new dishwasher

  • washed a load of clothes

  • written 500 words of the assignment for the masters course Supporting Lifelong Learning

Still to do: iron clothes for tomorrow, do the washing up

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