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Another long day

A busy but productive day at work. I printed out all the mail merge letters I'd produced and saved yesterday to inform my students of the start date and time of the course they've enrolled on. I also -- finally! -- got all the stuff together that's needed for sending off with the students' marked tests to claim last year's New CLAIT certificates. I'm Team Leader for New CLAIT, so it falls to me to do this. As it's the first time I've done this job, I've been slower than I would have liked, but I hope to do better next year.

I left work early, taking time off in lieu of the extra hours I worked last night attending the certificate giving ceremony for last year's ECDL students. I'd been invited to take part in a UK trial of different methods of screening for ovarian cancer. Having agreed to take part, I had to go up to the hospital in Llandudno to learn more about the trial and give a blood sample. For some reason the vein in my right arm refused to yield blood, so the researcher had to try again with the left. This was successful, but to my annoyance and embarrassment I went all light headed. I don't know why this happens. I'm not afraid of needles, the amount of blood taken was small, but I go all woozy and have to sit with head bowed for a few minutes. And then that's it and I'm allowed to go. I have a questionnaire to fill in and return and I'll hear in about four weeks whether I'm in one of the groups being screened or in the control group.

When I arrived home, I discovered a bunch of feathery grass stems arranged in a lifelike pose on the kitchen table. I then observed G climbing onto a dining chair to give him enough height to photograph said grass from above -- it was lying flat on a large piece of white paper. There were several plant identifying books lying around. Apparently one of his students wanted to know what kind of grass it was.

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