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Kitchen cupboards

I decided this morning to tidy the kitchen cupboard.

No, let's backtrack a bit. I need to explain about the iPod.

The reason for buying the iPod was to a) provide music in the car and b) enable me to play music while doing housework. Listening to music while doing tasks like ironing makes them so much more doable, but I don't have a CD player in the kitchen. I have had a personal CD player for a couple of years, but it's too large to wear comfortably, also it's not entirely impervious to movement. Fine when you're sitting quietly, but not when you're trying to enliven the housework by dancing round with a duster.

I was part way through my target of having music wherever I wanted it. The long awaited gadget for plugging the iPod into the car's cassette player arrived last week and works brilliantly, so I transferred a few more CDs to the iPod. However, before I could start bopping around the house I needed some way of wearing the iPod. Now you can buy expensive holders that strap on your arm, but I reckoned that just putting an eyelet in the little pouch it came with it would enable me to wear it on a thong round my neck.

Which brings us back to the kichen cupboard.

Somewhere in there was the eyelet kit for making nice eyelet holes in leather and fabric.

Before I started on the long road to de-clutterdom, I used to have an annual binge on the big cupboard in the kitchen. I would pull everything out into a huge heap on the table and floor, scrub the shelves and then slowly sort the stuff and re-stack it neatly. Gradully, over the weeks and months, it would all merge once more into a melange of dusters and tools and washing powder and shoe cleaning stuff.

Reading Julie Morgenstern's book introduced me to the concept of containerizing. Since then I've not had to do the big binge tidy on the kitchen cupboard, but the left hand side of the bottom shelf had become rather un-containerized and hence messy. But I knew that was where the eyelet kit was lurking.

It didn't actually take long to find and I have now containerized the stuff that had outgrown its original small container and found containers for the things that didn't previously have a container and so, once the shelf is dry, it will all be put back neatly.

I might get the hang of this housework lark one day. *g*
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