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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 2
Chapters polished total: 18
Chapters remaining: 2
Percentage complete: 90%
Reason for stopping: Time to iron clothes for tomorrow and cook dinner for G in time for him returning from the evening class.

I don't think there were any significant changes, other than the stupid little missing word or typo. I did rationalise a couple of alternate spellings in some of the orcish place names: Nizkhuvazh changed to Nizhkuvazh and the incorrect Azhygyvylchi amended to Azhgyvylchi.

I was astonished that the little computer reading wizard made a fair stab at even such weird names.

Oh, joy! Oh, bliss! The new dishwasher is connected and working. Even as I type, it's happily swooshing away at the day's dishes. The kitchen seems suddenly spacious because the surplus dishwasher has been removed and the bin can now return to its rightful corner.

Of course now I have to arrange with the council for a Bulky Rubbish Collection, but I have enough items in the garage to make it worthwhile. (We are allowed 2 lots of 4 items per year, free.)

I have also arranged for G's Daihatsu 4x4 to go in for it's MOT on Wednesday. The final thing done before stopping to eat dinner was to phone my Tuesday evening ECDL students to tell them the results of the test they did last week. So a fair bit of useful stuff done, all in all.

Now all I have to do it print out a To Do list for this week and I am ready to relax for a little while before going to bed.
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