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Writing progress

Chapters revised today: None

Useful things done today:

  • Removed the box of files and papers from G's Daihatus

  • Took Daihatsu into garage

  • Walked into town and bought 1 metre of electric cable and (while I was in the ironmongers) two plastic storage boxes for the boot of my car

  • The plan was to finish the nitpicky read through this morning before going to work. Unfortunately I hadn't reckoned on the sitting room light burning out. It did so last night in the middle of making dinner, plunging the house into darkness as it tripped the circuit breaker on the lights circuit.

    The horrible stink of burning plastic indicated that the failure was more than just the bulb burning out. The lamp holder and an inch or two of the cable from which the light dangles were were all blacked and charred. So, in addition to taking G's Daihatsu in to the garage for its MOT, I had to walk into town to buy new cable. While I was there I bought a couple of new storage boxes to replace the one that got squashed and the one that's now in the garage, busy storing stuff there.

    At least I got a bit of exercise, so I suppose that's something...
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