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Cymraeg un y gwaithle/Welsh in the workplace

The issue of Welsh came up during my Personal Development Review at work last week. Work is keen for me to teach bilingually and they think I already have sufficient Welsh to make this achievable with a bit of effort. Also Bangor are running intensive 12 week courses and sabbaticals are possible in order to attend.

I therefore talked to the people from Bangor, but we all agreed that my Welsh isn't up to it yet, so my Head of Department wants me to apply myself to using Welsh whenever I can with a view to doing the course in 2007.

The reason I'm mentioning this here is that I want to try writing blogging my progress. So I don't bore/confuse everyone on my friends list, I've set up a filter for my Welsh posts. I'll be sending a test post later today, so if you see that and you don't want to see Welsh stuff, please let me know and I'll remove you. If you don't see it and you'd like to be included, just let me know and I'll add you.

This has been a public service announcement. Normal service will now be resumed.

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