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Writing progress

Quite a lot really...

It's taken most of the day to wrestle the manuscript into submission. I write it as separate chapters, so it all had to be combined into one huge document. I kept checking it and checking it because something weird was happening and chapters were appearing more than once. Also I had to finish printing my reference copy and the double-spaced version of the first 100 pages to send to the publisher.

Anyway, it is now done. Tomorrow the synopsis!

I have sent the novel out to several people and all comments are gratefully received. I'm pretty happy with the prose so I'm not looking for a line-by-line critique. (Though if there are any typos or continuity glitches I've missed, then I hope my readers will point them out.) What I would really like are more general comments on the following:

1. Does the story get going fast enough?
2. Are there any confusing bits?
3. Description? Too much? Too little? About right?
4. Is it funny? Are there any bits that seem as though they're supposed to be funny but just fall flat.
5. Like the footnotes for example.
6. Are there any bits that seem dull and slow moving?
7. Does the end make sense? There's a lot of rushing about. Can you keep track of who's where?

Of course while I was working on it yesterday and today, it decided to turn into a heap of stinking doo doo -- as it is wont to do on occasion. Actually yesterday was the worst. It was so-so today.

But I gritted my teeth and sent it out to readers anyway.
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