Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Writing progress

Yesterday the missing commas and quote marks spotted by pariyal and zeborahnz were inserted. The alternate names/spellings corrected likewise.

Note to self: Try not to change the name/spelling of characters and places half way through in future. It's a bugger to make sure that all instances of the old name/spelling have been found.

Today I started thinking about the synopsis.

To get me started, I looked at the ones I already had on my hard disc. They were called:

- Synopsis.doc
- MAM pitch
- MAM original outline.doc

After looking at them, I renamed the files as follows:

- Synopsis -- too detailed and dull.doc
- MAM pitch -- also too detailed and dull.doc
- MAM original outline (terminally dull).doc

Ah, well. Back to the drawing board. Or rather a new blank document and the
timeline from the novel planning spreadsheet.

In other news, we went out for lunch for the first time in I can't remember how long. Despite having said I was growing dissatisfied with it, we did return to The Grapes. As I'm no longer vegetarian, that opens up whole new menu options and I had a nice trout while G had his favourite burger with cheese.

Our daughter is en route and should arrive in an hour or so. Must tackle the synopsis before she arrives.
Tags: eating out, writing progress

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