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A pleasant and restful day

Our daughter A arrived home for a short visit yesterday. Today, after pottering around for most of the morning, we drove up to Porthmadog in search of a bed. (Part of the ongoing house makeover.)

The drive up was good, especially considering that it was an Easter Saturday and the tailback across the Cob embankment wasn't too horrendous. We arrived in Porthmadog and walked up to the furniture shop.

They didn't have what I wanted there in the flesh (so to speak), but A spotted a catalogue of further bed designs available and in there I found exactly what I wanted. Just something very plain, wooden, on legs and without a footboard. (G is fairly tall and complains that he can't stretch out properly if the bed has a footboard.)

We lay down on a couple of mattresses and selected one to go with the bed and the whole deal was sorted out in very little time. Sometimes a small local shop can be as good as a much bigger store. One doesn't really want choice, one really wants what one wants. If they have it, it doesn't matter that they don't have a zillion other subtley different models.

I didn't see a suitable wardrobe, but I thought I'd get the bed settled in and then decide on the wardrobe later. One step at a time...

Then we headed across the road to explore the new Tesco with a view to topping up the food supplies for the holiday weekend.

Now I realise that Tesco is *yawn* not a novelty to most of you and to be honest, it's been in Porthmadog for quite a while, but I haven't ventured into it before. I still remain unconvinced that its selection of foodstuffs is greatly superior to our local Co-op, but additional foodstuffs were purchased, so we have plenty to last us until next week.

Once home again, A went off to see some of her old school friends. G and I had an early dinner so we could curl up in our nest of cushions on the floor to watch Dr Who. One day we'll have G's study-cum-sitting-room sorted out and have a sofa in there, but until he finishes his PhD and can have a grand clear out of all the papers, I don't think there's much chance of doing anything to the room.

But one step at a time, eh? New computer next week, new bed in 3 or 4 weeks. We'll get there eventually.
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