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Writing progress

I have:

  • been through the MS yet again correcting the last nitpicky mistakes spotted by green_knight

  • reprinted a couple of pages that had had corrections.

  • bought a large padded envelope to send the MS off in.

It's now ready almost ready to send the first 100 pages to the first publisher on my list.

Then, after feeling quite effervescent this morning after reading green_knight's mostly enthusiastic comments on Moving a Mountain, I felt suddenly flat and blah. Finally prised myself off the computer and walked into town to the Co-op for coffee, toilet rolls and fruit. Also, on a whim, decided to have a look in the garage nearby. G wants a new Daihatsu. The one that just passed its MOT last week is elderly, has 143,000 miles on the clock and probably will start needing major work. It really needs a new gearbox, for example.

There was a suitable vehicle on the forecourt. Ten years younger than the one we have now, not too bad a price and a reasonable mileage. I have spoken with our daughter on the phone and our son-in-law has agreed to phone up the garage tomorrow to negotiate on price to see if he can get us a slightly better deal. Both G and I are total wimps when it comes to haggling.

Now I just need to do the final push on the synopsis, and the novel will be ready to send out tomorrow.
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