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Tired now...

I feel tired and emotionally drained, but today has been a good day. Lots of good things happened.

It didn't start so well though. I was woken at 7:30 am by the sound of the rubbish men collecting the rubbish. Nooo! Not fair! I hadn't put ours out. If they're going to keep on doing this, I will have to start putting it out the night before.

But then I pottered through the things on my To Do list while waiting for my computer to be delivered. For a while I thought it wasn't going to come today after all and I had actually written an email to my brother saying that i wouldn't be able to do the day out tomorrow because I would be waiting in again, but just as I was staring at the Send button and wondering whether to click on it, there was a knock at the door and my computer was there! I haven't unpacked it yet because there's nowhere to put it until I clear the desk, but it has arrived.

I then had no excuses, so I forced myself to wrap up the novel and take it to the Post Office. It has gone out into the world to seek its fortune.

Good luck, little novel! I hope you find a home.

Finally, when G returned from the college at 6:00 pm, we went to the garage to sort out the paperwork, hand over a large cheque and now the grey Daihatsu is ours.

  • wrap up novel

  • post novel

  • wait in for computer

  • empty Daihatsu

  • quickly wipe round inside of Daihatsu

  • sweep out Daihatsu and beat the removable bit of carpet

  • ½ hour digging weeds in the front flower bed

  • phone council and arrange collection of bulky rubbish items (dishwasher, old rat cage, ironing board, saddle stand)

  • dust and vacuum bedroom

  • start making notes for assignment

  • check online tutor group for creative writing course, reply to any queries

  • do a load of washing

  • dry washing

  • ½ hour ironing.

Off to Shrewsbury tomorrow to meet my brother and sister-in-law for a day of nattering and sight-seeing.
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