Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

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  • Pick up newspaper and Radio Times (Because we went out for lunch, I failed to get into town before the newsagent closed.)

  • Pickup tablets from chemist's

  • Food shopping -- holiday weekend, locusts holidaymakers will be descending on the Co-op

  • Mark three assignments for the fiction writing course (I got as far as downloading and unzipping them.)

  • 1 hour brainstorming and note-making on new novel (I didn't actually do an hour, but I did some thinking as we drove to Maentwrog for lunch, also scribbled a few notes while waiting for the lunch we'd ordered to arrive.)

  • 1 hour on stuff for work (I don't like doing work at home, but I have a backlog of paperwork that needs to be got rid of)

  • Mow front grass

  • 1 hour walk (Again I didn't do an hour, but I did walk into town for food and carried it home.)

  • Read some Welsh (Read some Harri Potter while waiting for food to arrive in the pub.)

  • Watch a DVD

  • Write to WisCon hotel to extend stay by one night

  • Make bread

  • Post another chapter summary to rasfc about Dark Characters

  • Declutter one pocket in the overdoor hanging file


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