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Sunday's To Do list

Mark 4 assignments for the fiction writing course
I actually only marked 2 because the first two I tackled were worse than I'd hoped.

1 hour on novel
Nothing at all done on the new novel I'm poking and prodding at. I did, however, courtesy of matociquala have a couple of ideas for one that I'm not going to be writing for at least several years. Link here to song about mining tragedies. I'd been niggled by the fact that I wanted to use a female POV, yet thought that would mean I couldn't do a miner's POV.

The answer came to me as G and I were walking up to a gold mine for a bit of exercise. Who sez that female dwarfs don't go down mines? Women used to. Something of a "Doh!" moment as I realised the solution had been obvious really.

1 hour day job work
Nothing done today. Must do some tomorrow.

Mow front grass
Front grass still as long and unkempt as before. There are two new molehills though...

1 hour walk
Not an hour, but it was brisk and the hill was steep up to the mine. G also led me down a ladder to a tunnel that is a back way into the mine. For some reason, the tunnel entrance is not locked. Possibly the tunnel is blocked further in? We didn't venture further in -- though G knows the way and has been there often -- because we didn't have torches.

Make bread
Still no bread has been made.

Declutter pocket in over-door hanging file
Pocket still un-decluttered.

I also haven't read any Welsh yet today, though I'm just off now to watch my current second favourite TV programme, Con Passionate, which is in Welsh, so therefore good practice.
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